Getting Your Property Listed

Since the recent launch of Steiner B'n'B we've made some big changes to the way properties are listed, allowing us to cater to the wonderfully diverse range of properties our hosts have presented to us (you can read more about the updates here). As a result the property upload facility has evolved.  This post sets out to explain how to get your property listed on the website.

There are three things you need to do to get your property listed on Steiner B'n'B:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Add your property details
  3. Add rooms to your property

1. Register for an account

The first thing you need to do to get your property listed is to register for a Steiner B'n'B account.  You can do this by completing the information in the 'Register a new account' section of the registration/log-in page here.  You'll need to enter your first and last name, email address, password and some text about yourself (marked 'Profile text' - read about why we added profile text).  The registration form looks something like this:

2. Add A Property

Once registered you'll be able to use your email address and password to log in to the website any time.  After logging in you'll see the word 'Account' in the main website navigation.  Click this to go to your account page, where you can manage your details including adding and managing properties.

In your account page you'll see a section headed 'Your properties'. In this section you'll see a list of any properties already listed along with a button to 'Add a new property'.  To edit an existing property click 'View/Edit' next to that property.  To add a new property click 'Add new property'.  Note, you can add as many properties to your account as you like although in most cases there will likely be one.  These options are highlighted below:

Clicking 'Add new property' will take you to a form where you can enter the details of the property itself.  The form will look something like this:

Note the highlighted 'i' (information) icons. If you mouse over these they will provide useful tips and explanations for each particular input.  Note also that this form is about the overall property itself, not the individual rooms which you might be renting out - those will be added later.

Please work methodically through the inputs, making use of the information tips.  Note, if you added your property prior to the 11th September 2018 and it is not showing on the website listings, please run through all of the input fields and check that everything is up to date.  Lots of the input fields are new and must be updated in order for your property to show on the website.

Once all of the details have been added or checked, click 'Save' (or 'Save + Add a room').  If you're renting your entire property, then adding rooms is a formality which just lets guests know what they're getting within the property.  If however, you're only renting part of your property (e.g a room or a few different rooms) you'll need to add these rooms to the profile in order for them to be bookable on the website.

3. Add A Room

If the property is a new property (i.e. you're adding the details for the first time) clicking 'Save + Add a room' from the 'Add a property' form will take you through to the 'Add a room' form.  If you're editing a previously-added property you'll be taken to your account page upon saving.  From your account page you can click 'View/Edit' on your property to go to the property details page, from where there's a link to 'Add new room' (see below).


Adding a new room will take you to a form like below.  Note, without adding rooms your property will not be visible on the website.  Note also you can add as many rooms to a property as you like.  Each room can have its own details and pricing and may be booked independently by guests.


Once you've registered, added a property and added a room, you're all set and ready to take bookings.  Please do let us know if you encounter any issues in adding your property.  We're here to help and always do our best to respond promptly.