Introducing our new property upload system

Since launching the first part of Steiner B'n'B just over 4 weeks ago we've been delighted by the feedback and level of early-adoption. Our plan was to develop and launch a simple property upload facility with a limited feature-set as 'phase 1' before refining and finally launching the full search and booking service as 'phase 2'.

Phase 1 has been a huge success. We've had literally thousands of visitors from all around the world, viewing and sharing the site and providing feedback. We've also seen a significant number of member registrations and properties added. In reviewing the properties and addressing feedback from hosts it became clear that we needed to cater for a wider range of property set-ups. Even this early on in the process we have properties ranging from simple self-contained apartments to large ranches with shared dorms, private rooms and camping facilities. We took the decision to prioritise time and resources improving this core area to allow as many hosts as possible to list their properties before launching phase 2. We're a very small team and admittedly this has pushed back phase 2 slightly, but it's all for the greater good.

Over the past few weeks we've been hard at work extending the property upload system. We've made the following major improvements:

  • We've kept the ability for hosts to list more than one distinct property.
  • A property can now be let as the 'entire place' (if it's the whole property for rent) or 'part of property' (if it's just a room or several rooms).
  • Each property can now have multiple rooms, each of which can be independently rented on an independent tariff.
  • Rooms themselves may be let as 'private' rooms or as shared rooms (for example dorms where many people may book a space independently).
  • Pricing can now be set based on the number of guests staying at a property or in a room. So it's possible for a single person to book a room at a cheaper rate than an entire family, for example (if that's the tariff structure the host decides).
  • We've increased the description field for each property so that hosts can add more comprehensive details.
  • It's now possible to upload up to 6 pictures of a property, rather than just 3.
  • We've added checkboxes for both properties and rooms so that hosts can highlight the most common kind of features; things like 'pets allowed' and 'en-suite bathroom'.
  • We've added dozens of new currency options. These have been based on the feedback received so far, but do let us know if there are any specific currencies required which we haven't yet listed.
  • Finally there's now the ability to block out dates when your property is not available. If you take bookings via other websites or you're away, you can now block out dates when your property should not appear in the Steiner B'n'B listings. Obviously there's also the ability to deactivate your property too, for more long-term unavailability.

I've already registered my property. What does this mean for me?

The recent improvements have been comprehensive! We're now collecting more information from hosts about their properties to make it (a) more likely that we can cater for their property types and (b) better for guests in terms of searching and booking. As a result we're asking that hosts who have already registered their properties log in to their accounts and edit their property details to ensure they're up to date with all the latest information. We'll be following this blog post with an email to all hosts to detail this.

Problems / questions / feedback

As always, please let us know if you face any issues either with uploading new properties or editing pre-uploaded properties, or if you have any general questions about how things work. We always welcome feedback and aim to respond to all enquiries no matter how big or small.