New feature: Member profiles

Having welcomed several hundred registered members so far on Steiner B'n'B (thank you!) one concern was raised on a number of occasions. That being how people can verify that guests (or indeed hosts) who use the website are actually part of the Steiner movement.

This is an interesting point and raises some questions. There's no 'official' register of the Steiner community and certainly no digital way we can qualify a person as such. So today we've implemented the first in a series of tools designed to give hosts some added reassurance using the technology we have available.

As of today, the member registration page asks for details of a proposed member's involvement in the Steiner Community right from the outset.  This applies to anyone registering, whether as a host or a guest.  When a booking is made, a guest's mini-profile is sent to the host in order to provide more assurance and to give them more confidence in accepting bookings.  In time we will add the host's mini-profile to their property pages too.

Members who have already registered prior to adding a profile can do so via their account page.

In future we plan to offer other tools to help improve confidence and trust and to improve the experience. On our road-map are the following features:

  • Member feedback, so hosts and guests can provide feedback on their experiences
  • Stats for number of bookings made, acceptance rate and cancellation rate
  • Guest and host profile pages, connected to social media accounts so people can connect in a better way

If you have any ideas or suggestions about this or any other usability topic, please do let us know.