Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Registering is quick, easy and completely free. Just visit our register/log-in page and complete the 'Register a new account' form. Your account will be set up immediately.

What does it cost?

All listings on the site are posted by hosts for free.

We take a simple 10% booking fee on top of the hosts' assigned price on confirmed bookings, which compares favourably with other more mass-market accommodation websites.

How does it work?

Hosts are invited to list their property on the site for free.

Potential guests are able to search these properties and book online by paying a 10% deposit via a credit or debit card.  (We use Stripe for handling payments securely.)  Deposits are paid in the guest's preferred currency.

The host then has 48 hours to accept or decline the booking. If they accept then we process the deposit and retain it as a booking commission.

The guest then arranges with the host how they would like to pay the balance. Ordinarily the guest would pay the balance of the fee on arrival direct to the host.  This balance due on arrival will be due in the currency local to the host.

If the host declines or doesn't respond within 48 hours we let the guest know by email and invite them to search again.

What about insurance and legal issues?


Hosts should check with their home insurance provider to ensure they are covered to receive paying guests.

It could be that your current insurance won't cover you for renting to the general public, so it is advisable to check this before accepting your first booking.

Guests should check that any belongings requiring insurance are covered by their own personal possessions insurance, whilst away from their own home.

Mortgage/Home Loan Providers

Hosts should check with their mortgage or home-loan provider to ensure letting a room doesn't invalidate their agreement.

Some lenders may restrict the number of weeks a host can let a room annually. Some buy-to-let mortgages insist rental properties are let on an assured shorthold tenancy, which must be for a minimum period.

Please check with your mortgage provider before accepting paying Guests.

What about commission?

We charge 10% on all successful bookings. This is included within the price guests see when a booking is made.

What about tax?

It is up to the host to declare tax as per local laws and regulations.

Who are we?

Steiner B'n'B is a small, friendly and experienced team, based over 2 continents. Our key contacts are Heather Fields - an experienced, US-based Steiner school teacher and international events coordinator, and Dan Bramall - a UK-based web developer and technical director.  Combined, our team has over 30 years of commercial experience.

Together we are passionate about connecting individuals via shared values and breaking down international barriers to further widen and strengthen the global Steiner/Waldorf movement.


When a guest makes a booking, they pay a 10% deposit. This deposit is not taken immediately from the guest's credit/debit card but is allocated as a 'stamp' on that card.

Once a host has confirmed the booking the deposit 'stamp' is converted to a charge. At this point the guest has paid the deposit.

If a booking is declined by the host, or the host simply doesn't respond to the booking request within 48 hours the booking is cancelled and the 'stamp' on the guest's credit/debit card is released within 7 days without charge.

After a booking has been accepted by the host, if the host cancels the booking, the deposit will be returned to the guest. If the guest cancels a booking after being accepted the deposit will not be returned.

It is important that hosts keep their availability calendar up to date in order to prevent cancellations or declined bookings. We hope that 100% of bookings are accepted and fulfilled. 

What currencies do you support

We currently support the following list of currencies, but are open to considering other currencies if supported by our payment gateway. Please contact us if you would like to suggest a different currency.

Note, these currencies are supported for both hosts adding their properties and guests booking properties:

  • Argentine peso (ARS)
  • Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Brazilian real (BRL)
  • British pound (GBP)
  • Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Colombian peso (COP)
  • Danish krone(DKK)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Guatemalan quetzal (GTQ)
  • Icelandic króna (ISK)
  • Indian rupee (INR)
  • Israeli new shekel (ILS)
  • Nepalese rupee (NPR)
  • New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  • Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Peruvian sol (PEN)
  • Philippine piso (PHP)
  • Polish złoty (PLN)
  • Russian ruble (RUB)
  • South African rand (ZAR)
  • Swedish krona (SEK)
  • Swiss franc (CHF)
  • New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
  • United States dollar (USD)
  • Uruguayan peso (UYU)

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